Used Pipe Organs for Sale

We see it all to often on ebay or kijiji: used pipe organ for sale as is, in great shape, bargain price or even free! Most people think these are great deals and maybe they are. However, we give you the following considerations:

  • Professional removal of a pipe organ, removed in such a way it can actually be installed somewhere else successfully, will cost enormous amounts of time, frustration and money, possibly more than purchasing a new or used organ whereby the builder or sales organization commits to do just that and it is included in the price that you negotiate. 
  • Transportation of a pipe organ, with all these fragile pipes can and usually leads to utter tragedy when the pipes are not individually wrapped in foam. There are many pipes, varying between 500 and 5000, and it is a very precise job to pack the pipes and the wood properly in a 20 or 40 foot container and transport it to where you want it by someone that cares!
  • Please also consider if the organ will fit where you want it in your building! If not, rebuilding of a free pipe organ will usually cost you more than a new one!
  • What about warranty? A good builder will guarantee the work for at least 10 years, provided you properly maintain humidity levels in your building. Older organs need to be completely checked for all kinds of things; just replacing the leathers alone will cost thousands and you don't even see it!  

 These are our conditions of purchase:


NOT included in our prices:

  • Taxes, import duties, insurance, transportation, modifications in the church (such as floor, electrical) and cost of hotel stay and food for the crew. (We assume home stays) 

INCLUDED in our prices:

  • Technical evaluation and complete reconditioning, voicing for new building, packing and installation in the building,  warranty.

Our company is fully booked with the building of new pipe organs for the next 4 years but can install these ready made organs including custom changes rather quickly under certain conditions. 

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